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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Weekend rumble..........

Nice to hear Dr. Ben Carson school the race-baiting hustler Reverend J. Jackson today.

Well done, Dr. Ben Carson!   You will have my vote sir.

The quake out Napa way should drive wine prices higher from grapes that were harvested in years past.    That's how it works with wine and gasoline.  

The military industrial complex must be salivating at the possibility of engagement with ISIS.  Boots on the ground is money in the bank!

Watching Hoover HS and Miami Central HS yesterday was great football.  Congrats to the coaches and players from both teams.

Tom Milnor and company opened another beautiful store in Acworth Georgia this weekend.  Great job to all.  Unfortunately there are far too many part timers working there than full timers.  Thank you President ZERO for that.

Hard to believe that Labor Day is about here.  Seems like last week the Christmas decorations were being taken down. 

Congratulations to the Milton High School Angling Team!  Things are off to a good start.

And finally a hearty High Five to my pal, quarterback Brian Moore of the Alpharetta Bears.  You got it done pal!   Keep it rolling!

And one more thing.  There has been a near generation of "blue-hairs" that have been robbed of a return on their lifetime work by the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low.   One thing I would pay big money to see would be a caravan of AARP types protesting at the Federal Reserve Banks around the country.  We all would be lucky.   Rise up sheeple, rise up!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yellen continues the scam 3 years later............

This piece was originally posted in June of 2011.    Nothing has changed.
The gangster banksters were out in force in Atlanta's Buckhead today. The Ritz Carlton, Buckhead holds a special place for me. Started running my first Peachtree Road Race there in 1989, spent my wedding night there in 1991, lived a mile away for a few years, enjoyed many an adult beverage at the bar, met William O'Neill's first CANSLIM poster boy, David Ryan there for a meeting and truth be told, enjoyed the finest meal in my life in the Ritz Main Dining Room when it was still open, having a piece of chocolate covered venison that had been cooking for three days with my family. Today the Ritz was all about Bernanke the Banker so I headed down with my home made sign and stood in the heat for a couple of hours across the street. I hydrated well and threw on the Maui Jims and headed out on a lethargic day in the stock market. I figured there may be others; like-minded, youngsters, Generations X and Y'ers shouting with signs. Wrong, not a soul with me.
I felt powerful standing there watching the big limos roll up with the men in black. They would like us to believe a default is a bad thing for us. It's actually a bad thing for the banks, not most Americans. Pain would be sharp, but it would end. I thought about our debt ceiling that will be raised same way the TARP passed; with threats of financial, govt and economic collapse, maybe even martial law. It will be the same ole song & dance. This is silly, why call it a "debt ceiling"? Just call it what it is, an increase in the rate of borrowing.
The security detail fanned out watching me across the street. Getting blank stares from drivers far too concerned with making a living than reading anything about Bernanke. I felt sorry for America today.
Today, the Japanese and Australian tourists had questions or maybe they just liked my orange shirt. The Americans seemed to be worrying about their next text message, tattoo and hook-up. I am glad I went but more scared for America from what I saw at that intersection today. Savings and retirement are not institutions. They are matters of personal responsibility. They are an attitude - not some external organization or person to blame. The key word in retirement planning is not retirement. It is planning as in; plan to have your house paid for, plan to have your car paid off, pay off the credit cards and have enough saved to generate a steady income in your later years.
In the coming years, our debt is projected to grow to more than three times the size of our entire economy. This will be ugly down the road.
Today, do they really care? Not sure. I do. That's why I went. I wanted to do it my way, just like my Dad.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Record high stock market these days ..........

and Sears, WalMart, McDonalds, the US housing market and mortage applications all headed south.

The collapse of this Fed fueled bubble will be epic.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wall Street BANKERS cleaning up............

For most (practically all) Americans, this is officially the worst recovery ever. 

Wage growth has never been slower in a post World War II recovery. However, not everyone is hurting...


This comes just weeks after Morgan Stanley announced it would raise junior banker salaries by 25%. It appears President Obama's hopes for 'fair, livable' minimum wage is being heeded by the banking community - good patriots, they are.

Can you hear the middle class shrinking month by month?

Another "Zerocare" tidbit...........

It appears Sen. Orin Hatch's comment that "everything from this ill-conceived tax's structure to its implementation has been a disaster," are coming true. As AP reports, an "Obamacare" tax on medical devices is falling short of its revenue target because thousands of companies aren't paying it, according to a government audit released Tuesday. An audit found the IRS received only 5,107 returns (against expectations of over 9,000) with a 24% shortfall in revenues. The tax is projected to generate $29 billion over the coming decade, so a 24 percent shortfall - if it were sustained - would be significant.

Scammers are EVERYWHERE

Here are the top ten US charity cons that were compiled last year by Center for Investigative Reporting. (The percentages of money raised that actually went to the supposed causes is in brackets.)

1. Kid’s Wish Network (2.5%)
2. Cancer Fund of America (0.9%)
3. Children's Wish Foundation International (10.8%)
4. American Breast Cancer Foundation (5.3%)
5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation (8.4%)
6. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation (2.2%)
7. International Union of Police Associations (0.5%)
8. National Veterans Service Fund (7.8%)
9. American Association of State Troopers (8.6%)
10. Children's Cancer Fund of America (5.3%)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


If this doesn't wake people up to the unreality of the stock 'market', nothing will. Hertz has ripped higher 8 days in a row, surging over 18% in that period as analysts and talking heads piled on proclaiming how wonderful it is.. and then:



Today the S&P futures traded the lowest volume of the year today (for a non-holiday trading day) and volume has slid consistently lower as this rally of the last 8 days. The S&P outperformed today (up over 0.5%) as yesterday's oil-is-falling-so-buy-Trannies meme reversed into oil-is-falling-so-sell-Trannies which ended the day almost unchanged. The Nasdaq made new 14-year highs, up 5 days in a row. Treasury yields dropped notably early on then surged higher as US stocks opened (30Y +8bps on the week).  Commodities in general were clubbed like baby seals with copper, silver, and WTI hammered (but not Brent) after the inflation/housing data leaving oil under $95 - its lowest in 7 months. Gold fell much more modestly (but ended below $1300).

AAPL closes at all-time high.

Lighten up, it's Tuesday

Did you hear on CNN that the Payless Shoes store in Ferguson was looted today?

It's true.

Not a single pair of work boots was stolen.