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CHIPPEWA PARTNERS, Native American Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor, founded by Dean Thomas Parisian in 1995. The firm is a manager to an exclusive clientele and their retirement plans. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our expertise developed over 32 years balances experience, integrity and tremendous work ethic. The firm is closed to new clients. Dean Parisian is a member at the White Earth Reservation of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, a former NYSE and FINRA arbitrator and trader who began his career with Kidder Peabody and later worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert in LaJolla, CA. His philanthropic interest is in Native American education and he's endowed a significant scholarship for Native Americans at the University of Minnesota. His greatest accomplishment includes raising two sons and 24 years of marriage. The Parisian family enjoys many outdoor pursuits at Pamelot, their Tennessee farm, and at the Ghost Ranch, their Montana retreat on the Yellowstone River. For media requests please contact the firm via email: ChippewaPartners (at), on Twitter: @DeanParisian. Global 404-202-8173

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Racism in Indian Country

I have lived on more reservations than any one I know in Indian country.

As a BIA "brat" my Dad worked his ass off trying to better his life and the life of his family by advancing his career when job opportunities opened up in Indian Country.  We moved often.  I attended 4 high schools in 3 states.   We lived on Indian reservations every single day of my high school career.  

The biggest single act of "racial violence" came in Pine Ridge, South Dakota when my parents sent me off the reservation to get a "better" education than in the local school, Oglala Community High School.    I played football and Rushville HS in Rushville, Nebraska went up the 25 miles to Pine Ridge to play a football game.

We won.

When the game was over the coaches told us to put our helmets on inside the bus and to bend over and put our faces in our laps and not to look up or look out any window. 

The rocks started coming from all directions.   The bus was being stoned.  It was the Indians stoning the "white" off-reservation high school football team that had soundly trounced the Pine Ridge Thorpes.  

It was the single biggest act of racial violence I had ever been a part of.  As an "Indian kid" on a "white" bus it was an eye opener.   Racism works both ways.  

THE BIG SHORT. Only the truth spoken here...........

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Less than the truth is called..............

Isn't it about time the Fed does a little explaining to Main Street?

How does Main Street benefit from years of printing money for the Wall Street banks?   Look around your town, your 'hood, your workplace, your family.  Look.

As a money manager when I read some report, any report from the government regarding financial or economic data my eyes glaze over.   It is full of lies.  Lots of lies.  Nothing new there.

When I read something from Wall Street I have to ask what are they trying to get me to do with my money and the investors I represent?   What do they have to gain?  

When I worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert I plowed through piles upon piles of corporate bond prospectus's.  I wanted to be the guy involved in all the private partnerships that were part and parcel of the underwritings.  I wanted to be that insider.  I wanted the kickers,  the warrants,  the preferred terms.   Not a chance.  I didn't work in Beverly Hills and I wasn't on the X-shaped trading desk.

Those sweeteners made some people very wealthy.  Good for them. 

Drexel was one of the best periods of my life, working and living in LaJolla.  There wasn't much not to like.

Wouldn't it be great if a political figure could stand up and say that an economic downturn, a small one,  would be good for this country?  That we should let financial institutions fail when they go bankrupt? That a pullback now could heal America before a massive pullback comes later?  That getting the onus of derivatives off the taxpayer and onto the risk-takers is healthy.

There is nothing wrong with failure.  Lots of failure lies ahead because of the lies that failed America.   Main Street is getting carved up and they have not a clue.  Look around.  Open your eyes.  See for yourself. 

Don't lie.  

More NON-sense..........

The Federal government, bless their hearts.  They have "tomahawk" cruise missiles and "apache", "blackhawk", "kiowa" and "lakota" helicopters.  They used the code name  "geronimo" in the attack that killed bin Laden.

And they are officially on record as objecting to the name of the Washington Redskins football team? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Death, Debt, Drugs

Is it me or is the news just getting more weird per day? 

I was changing channels on our TV at our headquarters, (we never have the sound on) and saw the President with a teleprompter, LOL, on stage with the head honcho in Afghanistan.

And the prick from Afghanistan, (I turned on the sound), was thanking the United States taxpayers for their help.

Why doesn't the numb-nut-in-chief  just wire all the drug revenue from the Afghans back to the Fed and get caught up on some of this debt?

We have no common sense in this Administration or in the Fed.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

Our monetary policy?  There is none.   The lobbyists run the show.


Congratulations MHS Bassers!!

Milton Fishing Team
Congratulations to Milton's Fishing Team!  They competed in the state tournament and came away with a top 15 finish  (13th place officially)   out of 68 teams!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz and his Goldman Sachs wife

Our nation has no need for a First Lady to hail from Goldman Sachs.

Greg Smith let the cat out of the bag.   The guy should be running the SEC.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ojibway Leadership, White Earth Reservation, 1986

The following quote was taken from the Anishinabe,  DEE-BAH-GEE-MO-WIN in April of 1986.  (Volume 1, No. 2)
It was taken from the Chairmans Corner on p. 2.

"We have shown the world that we can gather strength and will do so whenever it is necessary.  We will continue our vigilance until we rid ourselves of this malignancy that pervades and persists.  With your continued support I wil gladly and joyfully lead this fight on your behelf."

Darrell "Chip" Wadena
White Earth Reservation
Tribal Council

I don't think this scum bag ever paid to the MCT Tribe, White Earth Reservation a single penny for the judgement against him for bribery, conspiracy, theft, embezzlement and money laundering.

Truly the darkest of times for White Earth.