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CHIPPEWA PARTNERS, Native American Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor, founded by Dean Thomas Parisian in 1995. The firm is a manager to an exclusive clientele and their retirement plans. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our expertise developed over 32 years balances experience, integrity and tremendous work ethic. The firm is closed to new clients. Dean Parisian is a member at the White Earth Reservation of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, a former NYSE and FINRA arbitrator and trader who began his career with Kidder Peabody and later worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert in LaJolla, CA. His philanthropic interest is in Native American education and he's endowed a significant scholarship for Native Americans at the University of Minnesota. His greatest accomplishment includes raising two sons and 23 years of marriage. The Parisian family enjoys many outdoor pursuits at Pamelot, their Tennessee farm, and at the Ghost Ranch, their Montana retreat on the Yellowstone River. For media requests please contact the firm via email: ChippewaPartners (at), on Twitter: @DeanParisian. Global 404-202-8173

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ebola and Golf. Logic in America

The Golfer-in-Chief rolled into the ATL again today to do what he does best.

Snarl traffic worse than it normally is.

He wants to send American military troops to fight EBOLA but he won't send troops to defend our borders and protect all of America.

That's PAR.

5 years later, NOTHING has changed

Dear Partners,  

As we start the last quarter of 2009 we have increased our cash position.  The market looks vulnerable and Treasury bonds are suspect.   Why you ask?  Plenty of reasons.   Here’s a few.

The recovery is not real.  Deep structural problems have not been solved and it’s unclear how we will create jobs and get the economy growing again.  It is very hard to build consumer confidence when employment prospects and job markets are shrinking.  Governments do not create income or wealth and current stimulus equates to future tax liability.

It may seem like common sense that you can't borrow your way out of debt because we apply that principle to our household budgets. But, since the financial crisis began, many states increased their spending despite the plain evidence that stimulus packages have done nothing to ward off the recession.  On any measure, it hasn't worked.  The trouble is that, politically, stimulus packages take on their own momentum. Leaders cannot go back to their voters and sheepishly admit that the money has been wasted. They have to pretend that they are almost there, that another few billion dollars will do the trick. And so, like rogue traders, they end up doubling up and doubling up in an attempt to save themselves.

We still have massive state government implosions poised to tip over.  Bank balance sheets are shrinking by hundreds of billions every quarter.  Georgia bank failures lead the nation. Budget holes are starting to gape again, infrastructure is crumbling and all the while tax revenues are dropping.  These stimulus projects do not generate revenues for these starved states.  They can keep dispensing sugar shots to the economy, but I fail to see how we keep from drifting lower. The highest taxed states are the “most” bankrupt if anyone cares.  

The scale of fraud is immense.  I see failed bankers giving advice to failed regulators on how to deal with failed assets.  The only result can be failure.  The truth is we have a multi-trillion dollar cover-up by banks which amounts to felony fraud on a massive scale.  To me, the biggest obscenity was the bail-outs to the European banks via AIG and of course the $13 billion that Goldman Sachs received in AIG counter-party payments.   The Ken Lewis, Bank of America fiasco says a lot and the SEC won’t address naked short selling and Wall Street fraud.   And today only 2 people are in jail, Ponzi Madoff and Sir Allen Stanford.   Go figure.

It certainly feels to me like we are starting to undergo a major shift and am positioning accordingly, but this market has consistently punished anyone who dares to question it.  The market has ignored the negatives and did a great job of embracing some very shaky positives.  Is the strength of the market based on solid fundamentals or from dark pools, high-frequency trading and robots trading algorithms at nearly the speed of light?  We will find out soon enough, maybe this quarter.

We’ll also find out if America can take personal responsibility and work our way out of this quagmire.  We have become a country of blamers and excuse makers and it’s amazing that we’ve gotten away with it as long as we have.  I am still amazed the public has any money left from the salesmen they entrust their serious retirement assets too.  Our approach provides  honest intellectual analysis, straightforward risk management and independent perspective.  We may not know how to make money at times, but more importantly, we know how not to lose it.  And one thing is certain, hope is not a strategy.  Yet, there’s a bull market ahead.  Some day.

Enjoy your fall, 


Monday, September 15, 2014

Yo Adrian Peterson............

Please take whatever professional mental health help the NFL will dish out to you eventually. 

And get yourself a box or two of condoms.  You surely have enough kids by now.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Math in America

University of Minnesota Football

Born in Minnesota and going to school there in the 1970's it's hard not to root for "the home team".

The Minnesota Gopher  TCU mismatch yesterday indeed met my expectations for Gopher football.

What an ugly display of tackling and coaching.

In my lifetime will it change?   Can I live as long as Moses did?

Some strategery for America on Sunday morning

More terrorism means more weapons spending. For the lucky few, Pentagon connected, it’s a self-perpetuating stairway to riches. Yet for wider society it means spending time, money and effort on war, instead of on domestic prosperity. It means the constant threat of terrorism. And it means the loss of our liberty, as the security state adopts increasingly paranoid anti-terrorism measures.
We should do to others as we would have done to ourselves. That means — unless we are comfortable with the idea of ourselves living under military occupation and drone strikes — getting out of the Middle East, and letting that region solve its own problems — forget another costly and destructive occupation in Syria. Slash the war and occupation spending, and redirect the money to making America independent of middle eastern energy and resources.
Don't forget, the beheadings will continue with us or without us.   The savages will see to it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Better at Solving Problems than Playing Football

  1. Address: North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332
  2. Enrollment: 21,557 (2012)
  3. Mascot: Georgia Institute of Technology Buzz
  4. Acceptance rate: 33% (2014)

Fire Thunder and Bird Bear

Cecilia Fire Thunder should be playing a central role in the administration of the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.   A smart, savvy manager she is.   I had the opportunity to work with Cecilia years ago in California and she leads from the front.

Joletta Bird Bear, a classmate in elementary school in Mandaree, North Dakota on the Ft. Berthold Indian reservation would be a huge asset to any administration who might be able to effect positive change there.

Two traits that both women share are brains and a tremendous work ethic.

It's still hard to fathom that leaders of their caliber aren't running their respective tribes.